NLP Applied to Business

"INFORM Training exceeded my high expectations. This training combines integrity and heart with powerful techniques that have enhanced my ability to add value when I communicate. Any person serious about communication and education needs this training to be at the leading edge. It will be great to have INFORM in NZ."

Anna Southern - Human Resource Manager

"Excellent even for those not in training but anyone who wants to be a better communicator."

Ian McLennan - Insurance Sales

"The Universe will always provide what I need at the appropriate time.  Philippa, you have enabled me to make well needed changes to my life, which I can now hold for the rest of my life.  Thank you for showing me the way to truly "know and love myself" for the wonderful person I am."

Sandy Sheahan

"A fundamental course for anyone who wants to excel in their professional and personal lives.  This is the course for anyone who wants the handbook to the human being."

Chris Nicolosi - Dentist

"I have found the knowledge and skills that I have developed to be truly life changing.  The good part is that the strong emphasis on practise means it works by osmosis.  I just absorbed the skills without stress."

Chris Sheahan

"An incredible experience from start to finish.  It is the course that changes your whole outlook on life and allows you to become anything you want with the skills to do it."

Graham Hearn

"The fact that I want to return and review is testimony to the depth and richness of the content and its various applications.  I have built a successful business, improved relationships and general well-being by applying the learnings of this program."

Nancy Hromin

"Thank you for allowing me to rediscover myself"

Marcia Lac

"NLP Certification was a great course.  I learnt so much about myself and why I do things.  Also a better understanding of others.  I recommend this course to anyone interested in the human psyche."

Jenny Holmes

"Philippa Bond is a master presenter and educator who makes the acquiring of information and new skills a thoroughly enjoyable process."

Cathie Piper

"Brilliantly and humerously presented, life-changing subject.  Philippa has given me some tools to free up myself from numerous hang-ups and improve my ability to relate in business, social and personal lives.  Excellent."

Peter Nicholls

"This program is a profound experience .  I took the INFORM Program on recommendation and likewise I would recommend it to anyone considering NLP making INFORM Training their first choice!"

Maree Wrack

Facilitation Mastery

"I have now been a participant in several of Inform's trainings. I was surprised last week to find that I still learn so much each time. Inform's trainings are always appropriate, on target and extremely valuable. The best thing about training with Inform is the energy boost it gives me. I feel remotivated and energised. Inform's trainings are never dull, they are entertaining and informative, I always go home with strategies that really do evolve my business."

Ani Lewis - Business Entrepreneur (Wine Industry)

Coaching WisdomTM

"My personal highest recommendation supports training programmes through INFORM Training & Research. In this regard I feel so strongly as to say that those who are fortunate enough to undertake any of their programmes will develop skills not only beneficial to themselves but unparalleled in benefit to their employer."

Cherie Morris - Business Manager & Conference Administrator

"Coaching Wisdom is a great way of developing the ability to use NLP tools in a more everyday context in Corporate environments.  It's very worthwhile for anyone working with people."

Michelle Smith - Corporate Manager

"Philippa's level of knowledge, professionalism and commitment to making a difference is second to none!"

Michael Culbert - Firefighter

"The most encouraging coaching course I have ever done."

Chris Nicolosi - Dentist

"This course has been life changing - where else can you get such intense personal coaching whilst also learning new skills that can be applied in your personal and business life."

Joanna Clary

"An incredible course destined to enhance the skills and value one can bring to both business and personal contexts as a coach, manager, leader, parent."

Adrian Stevens - Manager, Sales Programs & Marketing

"I never cease to be amazed by how much great material we cover and how quickly the time goes.  It is delivered with such insight and skill that I find it all very profound and also entertaining."

Will Stanfield

"Thanks, material so useful in personal & professional life which enables me to expand myself & my business."

Aileen Armstrong - Facilitator & Coach

Leadership - Residential Program

"I feel compelled to spend a little time to write and thank you for the experience you gave me during the last week.  You would have noticed some changing energy in the room from module to module. Still you delivered such exciting ideas; I and my colleagues remain committed to implementing as much of the content as we can.  All in all, some significant changes. Indeed, these have no doubt been a rippling effect of your inspiring work with us."

Alison Bickford - Training Manager, Rx Learning Centre, Roche Products Pty Limited

Advanced Presentation & Facilitation Skills

"This programme hits the spot. It was fun & non threating. I learned more here than in 15yrs of DIY presentation skills."

Peter Clark - MD Celcom Consulting Pty Ltd

"This course allowed me to access the voice that was already singing in my heart."

Sue Jamieson - Trainer

Business Wisdom for Women

"An excellent programme presented by a remarkable professional. One of the best 2 day programmes I have attended."

Julie Moffat - GIO / ICS

High Performance Reading

"This Course has sparked the fire of opportunity for both my work and personal life, with tools and resources for a way forward in this age of information overload."

Paul Croudace - Monier CSR

"Very interesting, informative and fun. I feel as if new doors have been opened in my mind. My future learning will be much more fun. I can’t wait to get started on my next 1000 books!"

Joanne O'Brien