LSI Brokerage

As INFORM is very much involved with the leadership development process, we have become intimate with the LSI tool which is used as a 360 degree feedback mechanism on professional style.

Based on our experience with current clients, the LSI Administration flowchart suggests that to achieve completion of an LSI, approximately 14 email and telephone touch points may occur per LSI nominee.  However INFORM has developed a management process that provides a seamless execution when administering the LSI tool, this involves:

  • Initiation
  • Tracking
  • Updating
  • Finalising
  • Scheduling Coaching
  • Providing Accredited LSI Coaches
This ensures each client organization achieves maximum engagement and compliance, and enables LSI administration to be seamlessly integrated into day-to-day functioning.

If LSI is your tool of choice, we administrate the management process when LSI is undertaken in conjunction to a leadership program being conducted by INFORM within your organisation.