Business NLP - Sales

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is a valuable and powerful methodology, originally developed to study human behaviour and extraordinary performance. We have effectively adapted NLP to business applications.

The key application of the INFORM NLP Applied to Business program is to 'Influence and Persuade with Integrity'. The NLP suite of programs applies directly to sales, negotiating, managing people, and facilitating a team.

We have found that most interest comes from sales teams for this particular program, however it can be adapted to any department or role within your organisation.


  • Philosophy of success and successful people – presuppositions and foundation beliefs
  • Social Patterns of Influence and Persuasion – how to use them in a sales / management environment: why people do what they do even when they don’t want to!
  • Outcome planning – the compelling conditions
  • Understanding the way people process information – this relates directly to buying preferences, negotiating and management styles
  • Rapport skills for building relationships with individuals and groups
  • Working with the conscious and unconscious mind to set direction, objectives and to produce results
  • Change patterns that work as a management, coaching and sales tool:
    • 6 step reframe – accessing creativity to generate alternative solutions
    • Spatial reframe – negotiating process with 2 or more parties/parts
    • Change Personal History – learning from the past and changing past pattern
    • Swish – Identity development process
    • Congruency sensing – a practical explanation of EQ (Emotional Quotient)
    • New Behaviour Generator – the key sports performance process used for improving performance and overcoming blocks
  • Sub-modalities – how reality is coded and how people make meaning of situations. Change this and it changes the way they relate and think about a situation. Used extensively in sales and marketing.
  • Anchoring – stimulus response and understanding how to use this in a business context to be more effective in getting a message across. Emotional conditioning and how this relates to business and your customers
  • Modeling – coding of behaviour and transferring this coding to fast-track the development of superior performance. A process of ‘transferring genius’ from one person to another.
  • Meta Programs – how people filter information and experience, and how their personality forms
  • Language skills – how to develop greater specificity and a more powerful ability to persuade and influence through what you say
  • Sleight of mouth – guiding and working a conversation so it moves in the direction you want
  • Time structure and how this is our most valuable resource
  • Managing memories and setting up future success
  • Wisdom training – developing a powerful process to have more wisdom in any situation
  • Relationship based selling approaches ... people buy from people and not companies!

Participants will be able to:

  • Be more confident and balanced within themselves, as well as being better managers of people and more effective team members
  • Have a greater understanding of others and how to respond to them to bring out the best in the situation
  • Be more effective and efficient in managing themselves and others
  • Work within teams more effectively as they will be more sensitive and aware of different work styles and personality approaches
  • Deal with mood swings and emotions more effectively
  • Be more resilient, adaptable and even tempered in pressure or changeable situations
  • Problem solve and think through situations better
  • Be more knowledgeable and aware of what happens, why it happens and what to do about it
  • Be a better communicator and be able to put their message across more effectively
  • Deal with stress and pressure situations better
  • Model other people and take on success characteristics which will assist them in performing better