Philippa Bond


Philippa is the CEO and Principal Designer of all programs that INFORM offers. She was one of the establishing partners of INFORM in 1993, and is the key driving and creative energy behind INFORM’s remarkable success and quality reputation.

Philippa mainly designs programs, works with the INFORM facilitator group, facilitates for some selected corporate clients who have a long term perspective and facilitates public programs. She travels extensively and delivers programs in many countries across the globe.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Psychology), Bachelor Applied Science (Sports Performance and Sociology), Registered Nurse, Masters International Studies, Internationally recognised Master Trainer NLP, DiSC, MBTI, Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training, Accelerated Learning Master Trainer, Finalist Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year 2000, Inclusion in Victoria University's '90 Years 90 Legends' published in 2006.


Philippa Bond is one of the brightest minds in training, coaching and corporate consulting today. She is internationally renowned and is in high demand. She has three key aspects of her business, one being life-transforming seminars, another corporate training and professional development programs as well as professional coaching and mentoring.

The seminars that Philippa designs and presents are formulated from a deep and broad integration of many methodologies ranging from NLP and accelerated learning methodologies, to quantum mechanics and chaos theory. Each of the seminars is threaded with the profound combination of the mind, body and spirit relationship which is the foundation of all human experience and ongoing personal and professional development.

In the corporate realm, Philippa specialises in leadership training, facilitation skills, strategic thinking and management development which significantly contribute to individuals within organisations so they drive their future and enact their professional business strategy. Her client list is an extensive range of national and multi-national organisations.

Philippa had an executive coaching and mentoring practice for over a decade which focused on developing professionals to be outstanding and exceptional in their chosen fields. She worked with Corporate Executives, Senior Managers and Elite Athletes as well as people who just wanted to be their best. Now, Philippa concentrates on developing professional coaches to be outstanding in their capacity to facilitate the process of ‘evolving consciousness’ and skill development with the people they work with.

Academically Philippa is broadly qualified. She began her formal study with a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University (Mathematics and Psychology), before redirecting her career becoming a Registered Nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (specialising in Oncology and Cardio-Thoracic). She returned to study to expand her understanding of human performance and behaviour, gaining a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Performance and Sociology – double major) at Victoria University, and then completed a Masters of International Studies at Sydney University.

Philippa is the CEO of INFORM Training and Research Pty Ltd, a progressive organisation consisting of a group of remarkable individuals who are committed to creating, developing and presenting the most dynamic and effective facilitation and educational programs and coaching support for the corporate and public sectors.

Philippa’s unique and dynamic style is founded on a practical approach to skill development which produces significant results in members of her audience and within organisations. Philippa is a remarkable presenter, philosopher and researcher who lives her passion for developing people to achieve their greatest personal and professional qualities. She is an inspiration to all who attend her programs. Philippa is more than just a speaker and motivator - she is a proven educator who will produce the results you want. You will find her style enchanting.