About Us

Company Details:
INFORM Training & Research Pty Ltd ABN 29 063 648 966
Global Headquarters: Byron Bay, Australia 
PO Box 2185, Byron Bay, NSW 2481, Australia
+61 2 6684 7522 or (in Australia) 1300 308 900
Company Structure:
INFORM Training & Research Pty Ltd is a global company, founded in Australia, headed up by Philippa Bond
Company History:
INFORM was established in 1993 as a corporate training and instructional design company focusing on face-to-face facilitated professional development programs. Currently INFORM's main objective is to provide quality blended learning experiences (e-Learning + face-to-face) based on innovative design, solid research and practical skill development.  Our main target audiences are corporate groups who enjoy a partnering relationship focused on achieving their business objectives.



CEO and Creative Innovation:

Philippa Bond



Lisa Every 

Office Manager:


Bianca Neil

 Accounts & Finance:


Helen Parkinson


Facilitators and Designers:

  All our facilitators travel and facilitate in Asia, Europe and USA
SYDNEY:   Ben Reeve
    Roberta Fairbairn
    Cindy Tonkin
MEBOURNE:   Louise Davis
PERTH:   Aileen Armstrong
QUEENSLAND:   Robyn Lange-Cork

 Associate Facilitators:


INFORM has a broad range of Associate Facilitators who are subject matter experts (SMEs) in their fields.  These people are invited into projects based on their expertise and requirements of the project. 

Accreditations of INFORM Facilitators (not all facilitators have all the accreditations)
  • INFORM accredited Executive Coach – Coaching WisdomTM Accreditation based on Coaching WisdomTM principles and techniques
  • INFORM accredited Master Facilitator – comprehensive certification process based on behavioural demonstration of competencies
  • NLP Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming - based on the science and study of human behaviour and performance
  • Certificate IV - Workplace Assessment and Training (Australian Government facilitation accreditation)
  • NTIS (National Training Information Service) accreditation for competency based training assessment and delivery
  • LSI -€“ Life Style Inventory,€“ addressing leadership styles, team dynamics and communication approaches
  • DiSC -€“ addressing work style preferences and how to relate to each
  • MBTI -€“ Myers Briggs Typology Indicator,€“ addressing different preferences in work style and personality
  • 4 Mat - learning styles inventory
  • Enneagram -€“ a 9 point description of the 'whole' person relating to how they think, react and respond to different situations
  • Educational Kinesiology -€“ learning methodology