Other INFORM Programs

We are often asked to tailor make programs to meet specific needs within an organisation. Below is a list of these programs which are available to be adapted to your business environment and defined needs.


High Performance Reading

Developing speed reading, speed comprehension and memory improvement skills.

High Performance Reading has been developed to assist business people to manage the information overload they experience each day. Reading emails, keeping up to date with developments, being knowledgeable of current trends, remembering what has been read, having access to data, facts and figures in meetings and knowing where information can be found: these are all aspects of managing the information age.


Merger Mentor

Merger Mentor is a program specifically developed for a company going through an acquisition and merger situation. The program addresses the dynamics of change and the cultural, performance and personal issues which arise in these potentially chaotic and changeable times. It provides strategies for managing, prospering and performing when there is a high degree of uncertainty and human emotion.


Customer Service

Customer service is a key factor in the growth, sustainability and longevity of a company. Developing a 'service culture' coupled with skills and tools to understand and serve customers so they become loyal consumers of your product or service, is a necessary component of success in this highly competitive and changeable business world.


Business Wisdom For Women

Women and men are different! They can think differently, approach situations differently, communicate differently, have different emotional reactions and responses and harbour different expectations. The more each person understands the other, the more they can be tolerant and work together effectively. Business Wisdom for Women addresses gender difference, similarities and dynamics within the workplace and develops strategies to prosper and perform better.

This program can also be adapted for a mixed gender audience. It’s great fun as it makes people laugh at our differences and they develop strategies and approaches to understand gender differences and work better together.


Understanding Different Work Styles and Approaches

Understanding Different Work Styles and Approaches is a series of short courses based on profiles which provides models to understand different approaches to work, different ways of thinking and how to respond to these different behaviours. The key objective to these programs is to develop stronger team working dynamic and higher team performance.

These programs are not about categorising or typing people, rather they are to assist in understanding the differences we all have, and then knowing how to utilise and interact, so they are an advantage to a team situation, rather than a hindrance.

It's fun, interactive, revealing, squirming and most insightful. It’s remarkable how motivated and inspired people get when they understand themselves and others better.

  • Enneagram and Business – Ancient Model addressing the 'whole' person
  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Typology Indicator
  • DiSC – Work Styles Profile
  • LSI – Life Styles Inventory  


Group Facilitations – dialoguing with REAL CONVERSATIONS

To paraphrase Einstein; it's difficult to find the solution to a problem with the same thinking which caused the problem in the first place. That is why we have a role as group facilitators to stimulate dialogue and to lead discussion to an end point and action plan.

At INFORM we conduct group facilitation sessions with an objective in mind: no agenda, just an outcome and reason for the process. The purpose is to result in an action plan or process to move forward with. Group facilitation sessions are used to improve performance of teams, deal with group issues or to develop strategic plans.

Conference Key Note Presentations

Have you ever wanted to make a conference more memorable or impactful? Well that is what we do!

We get an in-depth understanding of what you want to achieve with your conference and then design and present key note presentations which are inspirational and motivational with a practical business bias. Our key note presentations are entertaining, engaging, fun and informative, created around the theme of your conference. Our key objective is to make your conference a roaring success!