Leadership Programs

A progressive and innovative approach to leadership development which is based on action learning and direct practical application to the workplace. INFORM leadership programs rival the best of the leadership programs available, because they are based on current research and adapt complex leadership theory into practical, usable and powerful tools which can be applied immediately. It is assumed that participants are managers of people and in a leadership position.

Our leadership programs are based on a modular basis whereby our clients select the modules most suitable to the needs of their leadership development.

Some of our greatest successes have come from the INFORM designed 5 day leadership residential program which has been running over the past 10 years in several organizations.  A shift in mindset through this program has had significant impact in embedding cultural changes within the organizations in which we work.

Leadership development is an ongoing and constant process, often kick started by a one or two day program.  We encourage all our clients to take a more comprehensive view of leadership, appreciating it is a journey of professional development.


  • Identity and core questions – developing the leadership character
  • EQ as a leader – it’s more than just what you know
  • Competencies – using them as a leadership development tool
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Problem solving and moving through the levels of logic
  • Change Management – facilitating a change process
  • Communication Process – developing a structure for communicating your message
  • Values, ethics and what’s really important
  • Team development – your responsibility to your team as a leader
  • Where to from here - developing an individual development plan – self paced professional development

Participants will be able to:

  • Display a higher level of business awareness and acumen
  • Demonstrate strategic thinking and planning in meetings and when developing strategy
  • Have a greater confidence and awareness of their professional skill and accountability
  • Be more innovative and trust their creating thinking more in problem solving and planning situations
  • Take stronger leadership positions due to increased ability in their communication skills and capacity to express themselves
  • Understand others better in order to work more effectively with them and to appreciate and utilise diversity
  • Present information in a more structured and professional format
  • Be less emotional and reactive in potentially volatile situations
  • Be more progressive, innovative and flexible in constantly changing business environments