Robyn Lange Cork


Robyn has 20 years of corporate experience including Executive Management roles in Human Resources, Operations, and Professional Development.

Robyn has coached, mentored and facilitated the professional development of well over a thousand staff. These have included -CEOs, Executive Management, General Managers, Leaders, Supervisors and general team members.

Her main areas of interest in coaching, mentoring and facilitation are:

  • Communicating for Impact and Influence
  • Communicating for Improved Performance
  • Change and Transformational Leadership
  • Building Trust
  • Personal Development

Robyn uses NLP in the design, content and facilitation of all her work

Although Robyn has a Business Degree and education in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Facilitation and Coaching, she credits her success in developing others, to personal leadership experience in Commercial environments. She has affected change – both cultural and systemic - and developed team members to the point where she is no longer required. She found early in her career that the easiest way to make herself valuable was by working towards redundancy. As a result she was consistently head hunted and now grows her client base via word of mouth.