Louise Davis


Louise is a transformational facilitator who has a very real and practical approach to corporate education and professional development. She has a corporate background in Leadership and Development working with a multinational company. Her Australian and Asian experiences have equipped her to do dynamic and effective facilitations.

Qualifications: Diploma of Business, Bachelor of Business, DISC, LSI, NLP Master Practitioner, Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training, Accelerated Learning Facilitator


Louise is one of the most highly motivating facilitators you will find in Australia today. As an inspiring corporate trainer, she is committed to designing and facilitating educational programmes within the corporate sector that empower each individual. As a result they can then develop their own style that incorporates flexibility and adaptability and allows them to develop a professional competitive edge. She is known for the creativity, innovation, and energy she brings to facilitate individual and organisational effectiveness.

Louise started her formal academic studies focusing on Business and Management receiving a Diploma of Management and then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Management (University of South Australia).

Louise's entire working career has been focused on training, facilitation and developing the ‘human potential' through coaching and mentoring. With a solid background in both corporate and retail sectors she has worked in the Asia-Pacific region as National Education Manager with a multi-national organization. She has extensive experience in the training and adult education business facilitating world's best practice at all levels within a company.

With her comprehensive knowledge and outstanding communication skills, she has an ability to clarify complex situations and balance practical business issues with sensitive people concerns to successfully facilitate both individuals and teams to achieve their desired outcomes. She is a skilled listener and educator and can quickly establish rapport with people at all levels within an organization.

Louise has done extensive research and study in the area of human performance. She is a Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has been involved in the training and coaching of individuals for over a decade.

Louise is inspired by the process of transforming people so they can tap into their own potential. Her style of facilitation is to give each person the opportunity to bring forth their own wisdom and brilliance which allows them to receive ongoing benefits that enrich their lives in all contexts. When you engage Louise in your company you are truly giving a gift to your people and investing in ‘the human capital' which is so valuable in each enterprise.

You will find Louise a delight to work with. Her light-hearted attitude, wisdom and valuable insights will remain with you far longer than the hours she spends with you.